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Aplus is an organization that was brought to life as a necessity in airline operations, then eventually grew into a very promising business venture. Our journey began when Cebu Pacific, being a low-cost carrier, whose direction then was to focus on its core activities, decided to outsource its maintenance and engineering support. In April 2005, Singapore Airlines Engineering Company and Cebu Pacific Air signed a joint venture which gave birth to Aviation Partnership Philippines Corporation (Aplus) whose main business is to provide line and light maintenance services. In July of the same year, Aplus officially commenced its operations.


The Company is now investing in infrastructures that form part of our identity as an organization. Indeed, having our own building contributed so much in boosting the morale of our people, as we finally have a place that we can proudly call our home. We currently have three (3) buildings in our main office: Building 1 housing the support offices, warehouse and wheels and brakes shops, and Buildings 2 and 3 housing the shops. An office at Bay 112 at Terminal 3 exists for Maintenance Operations Control which is the center of coordination for operations. At Bay 119 is our War Room and Tool Room which are located close to our ramp operations. A motor pool is currently being constructed for ground support equipment maintenance. Offices also exist in MIAA Terminal 1, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, and Kalibo where, aside from Cebu Pacific, we provide line maintenance services to third party customers.

Who We Are Now

Aplus as endeared by many is an organization that has long straddled the line between 2 parent organizations who are both accomplished and renowned in their own rights. As a product of 2 giants in the industry. Aplus was poised to dominate the MRO business early on. This in itself became a responsibility to uphold the same standards of quality and safety that our founders are known for. Our identity as an organization was slowly defined through the years by how we reacted to various circumstances that challenged our comfort zones. The journey of Aplus is a series of events overcoming obstacles and stretching our boundaries. By continuously testing our limits, Aplus was able to grow from 214 employees in 2005 to 777 employees and n(number of clients) in a span of 12 years. We have truly gone a long way from being a maintenance department to finally becoming a key player in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul business in the aviation industry.


We are in the business of keeping aircraft flying by providing the highest standards of aircraft maintenance for our valued customers. We are a family of highly trained, experienced and dedicated professionals. We consistently provide healthy returns to our shareholders and significantly contribute to the development of our people and the communities we serve.


Home of world-class total aircraft maintenance solution in Asia-Pacific

Core Values


We do the right thing all the time.
We are true to our word


Hand in hand, we deliver. Together,
We achieve.


We protect lives. This is our


We embrace change,
We disturb the norm.


We are devoted to fulfilling our customer’s
expectations. We go the extra mile.


We strive to be the best in
everything we do. We raise the bar


We take responsibility for our
actions. You can count on us.

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